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Model: Amanda Adams
Picture by Keis Photography
Picture by Keis Photography

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Paying Homage to Black Institutions

In history, the educational system suffered discrimination in various aspects of their lives. Education is a big part of it. Fighting through separate and unequal…

Cicely Tyson: The Legend, The Icon, The Woman

Actress, innovator, activist, and icon Cicely Tyson left this world with a story to tell and one final performance for the world to see. "With…

Letter from the Editor

Boldly & Beautifully Black

We celebrate & pay home to Black culture.

The same culture drew Black communities together to unite & provide for their brothers & sisters when society threw them out—the same culture built upon an education foundation for Black people when white institutions refused to accept them. The same culture has been poked, stolen & used in America’s culture without acknowledging their attributes.

We salute the ones who paved the way for us to walk, run, & skip on!

In this issue, we wanted to share some of our histories. And shed light on some of the institutions, educational systems, & movements that made it possible for Black people to receive an education. We also wanted to provide tips for our Black Belles to use to become the Black Queens that they are. At the same time, highlighting & promoting Black excellence through some of our icons.

The biggest thing we wanted to do in this issue was for Black women to walk BOLDLY in their lives. We want them to feel BEAUTIFUL in their BLACK skin, despite what the world tells them to feel.

Here’s to encouraging our Black communities every month of the year.


A Proud, Black Woman

Self-Love & Appreciation

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