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Letter from the Editor

The Most Powerful Being is a Mother

A lot of us give credit to our mothers or mother-figures in shaping us into who we are today. So we wanted to honor mothers in this issue.

I remember sitting in my mother’s bathroom when I was a child and watch in awe as my own mother would get ready for the day.

Physically, she would pull out elegant & classy pieces that embodied strength to conquer the day. She sprayed perfume that eluded feminity to me. And adding a string of pearls around her neck always perfected the look!

Mentally, my mother geared her mind to focus on her goals & her dreams of achieving greatness for herself & for me to witness what a strong, intelligent woman represented.

In the September issue, Crowned with Purpose & Grace: Motherhood, we wanted to include upliftment & encouragement to the women who have the daunting tasks of raising belles in today’s climate. We know that YOU want to be great examples to your children, & we want to equip you to do so.

Also, to remind you that you’re not alone. We’re a community. & we got your back, honey!


The Product of a Strong Single Mother

Encouragement & Upliftment

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