A Quick Guide To 2021 Memorial Holiday Sales

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A Quick Guide To 2021 Memorial Holiday Sales


Fashion writer Anston Broadway shares the best way to get the best bang for your buck for this year’s Memorial Day Sales.

It is that time of the year again for discounts and sales galore.

As Memorial holiday lurks upon us, so does the chance to make an impression that could leave an imprint for years to come. Spring 2021 has been quite an eventful season, especially with quarantine restrictions beginning to let up and the summer promising to be no different. This opens the opportunity to go all out this holiday in a way that seemed unfathomable just this time last year. However, before we can leave a mark, we must know what attires would bring out the best in us for a holiday. Lucky for everyone, many sales and discounts are bursting just in time to help fulfill our fashion dreams. Before we can find the stores that can best serve us, it is essential to know how to stay mentally equipped for shopping during the 2021 Memorial holiday season.

Quick Tips for Memorial Holiday Shopping:
· Even though there are plenty of deals and sales worth paying attention to, realize that not EVERYTHING is worth buying this season.
· Be disciplined, have a clear goal in mind, and avoid overspending.
· Be aware of merchants’ desire to take full advantage of the high demand caused by sales. Many merchants use this time as an opportunity to clear out slower-moving inventory. This may lead to consumers getting deals that are not as great as was promised by sales.
· Remember that every deal does not equate to being a good deal, and just because a product is listed among sale items does not mean there is much of a saving.
· Pre-shopping the sales ahead of time is an excellent way to manage shopping for sales and know where to shop.

Noteworthy Memorial Holiday Sales:

  1. Brand: Banana Republic

Sale: 50% – 70% off everything


2. Brand: Aerie

Sale: 20% off swimwear and shorts


3. Brand: SSENSE

Sale: Up to 50% of everything


4. Brand: Anthropologie

Sale: Extra 25% Off Sale Items


5. Brand: Lo & Sons

Sale: Up to 40% off select colors and styles