Acceptance & Unity: Lilly K. Rose

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Acceptance & Unity: Lilly K. Rose


Author Lilly K. Rose

An inspiration to her daughter and her readers, author Lilly K. Rose, sheds light on acceptance in friendship and its impact on a child’s life.

Rose was inspired to write her book, “The Adventures of Korie: Will You Be My Friend?” through her daughter Korie’s perspective of having a mother who has KTWS. Klippel Trenaunay Weber Syndrome or KTWS is a condition that’s characterized by a triad of port-wine stain veins and bony, soft tissue. This can lead to an overgrowth of bone and tissue that can cause pain, a feeling of heaviness, and problems with movement. It usually involves abnormal overgrowth of soft tissues and bones on one side of the body. The syndrome can also include cataracts, glaucoma, hip dislocation at birth, and blood-clotting problems.

Rose and her four-year-old daughter Korie

As a child, Rose spent most of her childhood in the hospital room of Children’s of Atlanta. She was limited physically because of the syndrome, but her imagination took form, and her creative juices started flowing. She found a love of writing and allowed words to express herself and to keep herself motivated.

As an adult, Rose has shared her story with others, positively influencing audiences alike. However, she decided to change her narrative when her daughter was born. “I became very intentional about teaching the importance of self-love and respect for others,” she said. “This new adventure in motherhood changed my focus to the current positives in my life instead of focusing solely on the hardships of the past despite my physical limitations.”

Thus, a book was born.

Rose and her daughter Korie

Going back to the hospital bed days when her imagination would flow naturally, Rose wrote a book based on Korie’s position of having a mother with KTWS. For Korie, her mother was no different from anyone else. However, Rose knew the world wouldn’t accept her as her daughter did. So she wrote the book, “The Adventures of Korie: Will You Be My Friend?” to help other children and adults understand the value of friendship and acceptance.  Rose wanted the book to educate her daughter and other children on balancing their views alongside the world’s viewpoint. The mother and author said, “My goal was to transform the negative narrative of prejudice and discrimination and its adverse impact on children.”

The educational and telling book is fictional in nature and has a powerful message. The book’s characters are several children who navigate their way past stereotypes. Each child has a unique difference that brings them together and to be the best of friends. It’s a fun book for children, and parents will appreciate the deep level of awareness.

Rose’s objective is for children to see the beauty of people’s differences and to realize people are all born to love, regardless of how different we are.