Be the Queen of the Workplace: How to Advance in Your Career

Boss Brenley

Be the Queen of the Workplace: How to Advance in Your Career


Be the Queen of the night in your workplace!

Whitney Houston Rachel Marron proved that she knew exactly what she wanted, & how she was gonna get it! In the classic movie, The Bodyguard, the songstress knew her bodyguard, Frank Farmer had a thing for her. No matter how many times he denied it. Especially the night that he watches her music videos, including I Wanna Run To You, where he inches closer to the television just to be close to her beauty.

Rachel knew what she wanted, & she went after it.

She asked him on a date, & since he wouldn’t allow her to go anywhere without him, he accepted it. & she knew she had him right where she wanted him.

That’s how we want Southern belles to approach their work: with confidence & assurance. Women know what they want as well, but sometimes need a little push to go after the higher position or the executive title that they rightly deserve. Sometimes it takes a little more time in the books, learning a new skill, or getting out of your comfort zone to network & meet with the right people to wear the crown (or to earn more money & benefits in a new position).

So be the queen of the night or the queen at your job, & use some of these tips to advance in your career so to move up in the corporate ladder:

  1. Work on Goals That Matter:

While you’re in the current position that you’re in, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a new skill or two. There are several credible online courses that you can take during your lunch break, or after work. LinkedIn Learning has numerous courses, including interviewing, setting a marketing budget, advertising on Twitter, and so much more!

2. Learn to be More Organized:

Canadian professional consultant Bruce Harpham said that professionals in today’s market should know how to run a meeting effectively & efficiently. Playing around with Excel, Evernote, or even a project management tool like Asana can make all the difference in the world on how you work (& your boss will take notice too!).

3. Stay Healthy

This might not have anything to do with your work, but it has everything to do with YOU. Rachel Marron exercised in The Bodyguard by going hiking with Frank. She got to flirt, look cute, & snag a man!

Harpham noted that it is important to get “regular exercise, pay attention to nutrition, & get a good night’s sleep”. Pay attention to what your body needs & listen to it when it needs a break. Don’t burn out by working all of the time-find a healthy balance. Workout, go on walks during your breaks, pray or meditate at your desk. Having a clear mind will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also give you new insight into the work that you have to do.

4. Analyze your Soft & Hard Skills

It’s good to know what you’re working with so you know where to start improving or to see how the skills that you already have can elevate you in your career path. Karen Cates, executive coach, and lecturer at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University said that one has “to think of themselves as a brand, & needs to understand the passion that they’ll bring to the job.” Doing that is finding out their hard skills & soft skills. For example, knowledge and technical skills are hard skills, while communication is a soft skill. So if someone is a computer programmer, and also enjoys mentoring younger staff, that is a way to incorporate using soft & hard skills.

5. Network!

Meeting people in the same industry is essential to moving up within the company. You never know who you’ll meet who will help, guide, mentor, or point you in the right direction for that promotion. Karen Cates also mentioned the importance of thinking of yourself as a brand. She’s quoted in saying, “Maintaining an online presence is important in getting your brand noticed.” Having your resume online on LinkedIn & Google+ is important, as well as going to company functions and networking events to meet other people who are in the same industry as you.

6. Having the Right Mentor

Cates touched on finding someone who can mentor you, which is essential in helping you advance in your career. The Muse said it perfectly with having someone who can help you elevate in your career:

Having a mentor within your company is particularly valuable—she can identify opportunities for advancement you might overlook, guide you through challenging projects, and help you build relationships with higher-ups.