Beauteous Braids for the Busy Brauds

Pretty as a Peach

Beauteous Braids for the Busy Brauds




In the Urban Dictionary, a “braud” is defined as “a fearless female; an adventurous, daring, or independent woman”. These hairstyles will make any woman feel like a powerful BRAUD.

Braids have been culturally defining women of color for centuries, with the hair being parted in three strands and woven together. According to various sources, this represents the strengthening of the mind, body and spirit. The braids serve as a symbol of spiritual strength and health.

Tiera Wilford with MAST Hair Salon  is “spreading God’s love one strand at a time” and is sharing some of her favorite braid hairstyles with Brenley:

Tribal Braids

These popular braids are #trending because they aren’t the typical “straight back” braids that a lot of people see. They give a sense of Black pride to the BRAUD that wears them and their admirers who’ll gawk in jealousy when they see them!

Lemonade Braids

Also known as “feed-in braids” these braids will make any woman to feel like she is royalty, like the queen herself, Beyonce. The term comes from the illusion of cornrow braids growing from the scalp.

Classy Woman

Tiera prefers this style for the “educated, busy Black woman who’s in the corporate world but who still wants to embrace her Afro-roots!”.These Dutch braids are a twist to the original French braid. Usually women let the two plaited braids to hang loosely down their shoulders, but with this look, a woman can easily have a creative bun.

Box Braids

Probably the most popular type of braids, these Poetic Justice braids will give any queen Janet Jackson feels! Tiera recommends these braids for the ones who want longevity and ultimate hair growth. These box braids are achieved by parting the hair in square shaped partings for each braid. Be careful though: don’t let anyone braid the hair too tight, or it’ll cause damage that can be irreversible in some instances.