Best Financial Tools

Boss Brenley

Best Financial Tools


Make the most of your New Year’s Resolution of saving more money.


We don’t know where you are with your finances, but with artists dropping tour dates, makeup brands releasing product we HAVE to have, or our friends/families getting married/dropping babies that we have to purchase plane tickets, bachelorette parties, a Diaper Genie…we keep having to dip into our savings account.


We take advice from the New York Times bestselling author, Christopher Rice, stating:Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency.”


So to get better with saving money for that family vacation you’re planning, or to buy that plane ticket for your next solo trip, these financial hacks and apps will assist you in creating better saving habits:


Apps That’ll Cost You

YNAB: You Need A Budget will get you right! For $7 a month (they allow you to have a FREE month trial to get started), it allows you & your money to have a VERY personal relationship with your money.


CountAbout: The app CountAbout is a financial tool that links previous fiance data together and tracks all of your finances into one app. For $39.99/a year (you can start the app with a FREE 15-day trial), the app gives its users to easily keep track of spending, categorize transactions and manage their budget.


PocketGuard: Even though this app is FREE to use, Brenley believes that their Plus feature really gives the benefits to save the most money. For $3.99/month or $34.99/year, you can track the money that you receive & spend, set up recurring bills that you pay, calculate your cash flow, as well as set up the amount of money that you spend on other expenses.


Free Apps!


MINT: The contrast to YNAB is this free app that is best to automate people’s finances. The reason why Brenley likes this app is that the app links up with your bank account & your credit card accounts to make it easier to track your finances. You can track how much money you spend on gas, eating out, utilities, etc. The app will send you a notification if you exceed your budget so every shot that you purchase, Mint will keep track of it!


CapWay: Southern Mississippi alum Sheena Allen created this financial tool to create an untraditional financial ecosystem. This app educates its users on financial education as well as providing services such as prepaid cards & bank-issued cards.


Toshl: Saving up for a trip to Las Vegas? Trying to start a savings account? This money-saving app is perfect for you! Personal finance will help track your goals. Sign up with your Facebook or your Google account, link your bank and/or PayPal account, your set goal of money you’re trying to save, and Toshl will do the rest! It will even ding you with the amount that you have left to spare so you can buy that cute dress you want to wear for your trip to Vegas!