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Boss Interviews With a Queen


In this day & age, mental health has been a popular topic in the culture. With #MentalHealthAwarnessDay being talked about, & more women opening up their struggles, people are able to relate to one another with their struggles.

One of these struggles is feeling confident.

7 in 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with family and friends, according to the National Report on the State of Self-Esteem. But there are women who are fighting for women to feel fulfilled in their lives & to build the confidence that they have always desired.

Danielle Mills, Founder & CEO of Headstrong Mind is one of those women fighting the stigmas for others. Former pro tennis player turned mindset mentor, she is helping people channel their potential one step at a time. She gives insight on some of the struggles that a lot of Belles face today & what motivates her:


1. What are some ways that women can feel fulfilled?

Women can feel more fulfilled if they focus on a life of gratitude. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the better you feel. I suggest women create a gratitude journal, so daily or weekly they can write down things they are grateful for. Another way women can feel fulfilled is by identifying what they are passionate about. I like to tell women to think of the one thing they would love to spend the rest of their life doing, even if they were not being paid to do it. Identifying your passion and pushing towards your passion every single day is extremely fulfilling.


2. What are some phrases or words of encouragement that can help us? 

“This too shall pass.” It does not last forever.


I would tell a person that you do not need other people to feel validated. You need to enjoy your own company and be comfortable in your own space so that others will enjoy being in your presence.

3. What qualities should women work on to build their self-esteem?

Women should practice giving themselves verbal compliments. If this is too difficult initially, I would have them write out all of the qualities about themselves that they like on a piece of paper. Get used to repeating these qualities out loud daily. Self Esteem cannot come from the validation of others. Women should draw Self Esteem from their best qualities. I am not talking about aesthetics. I am talking about all qualities i.e Work Ethic, Compassion, Being Caring, Patience, etc things like this.

4. What advice would you give women during this time?

 I would suggest trying something new! For example, joining a local club, joining the meetup, see if there are any networking events in your area. Go to a restaurant and sit at the bar. Talk with the bartender and the guests. There are so many different opportunities to get around people and to connect with others. By surrounding yourself around others, you will be forced to engage and get to know people. Maintain your friendships and relationships with others, even if its via phone, or facetime, or through social media. Don’t allow yourself to isolate. 

5. What are some challenges that you have gone through or are going through right now? How are you overcoming them? 

The biggest challenge I have gone through in my life was when I decided to retire from being a Professional tennis player. My whole life was dedicated to tennis, and it was my identity for as long as I could remember. Retiring really felt like a part of me had died. The one way I was able to get through this tough time was by focusing on my strengths, and having the right mindset to look at this situation like one chapter had ended but another one is beginning. Glass half full mentality. My mindset allowed me to recognize that my skillset learned from being a professional athlete was so transferable to business and in my career. At this point in time I didn’t know I would create Headstrong, but I knew I wanted to help other athletes who were going through retirement and lost about what they will do next. Now with Headstrong, there is an opportunity to help so many people with the one thing affecting them between their ears: Their minds!

6. In what ways does Headstrong help and encourage women? What is the ultimate goal for the company?

Headstrong is my heart and soul because of our mission. I created this company because We want to help women improve their Mindset so that it doesn’t hold them back from reaching their fullest potential. Mindset affects EVERYTHING in women’s lives from fitness to diet, to career, to relationships, to mental health. Most people do not realize that they are self-sabotaging areas of their lives because of their mindset. We are Mindset mentors at Headstrong and are extremely passionate about helping people.