Creating Her Own Lane in Beauty: Nicole Patterson

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Creating Her Own Lane in Beauty: Nicole Patterson


An entrepreneur stepped outside of her comfort zone and created her own lane in the hair industry.

A former college student at Baylor University with a degree in Athletic Training, Nicole Patterson was just like all other college students-STRUGGLING to find good hair products that wouldn’t break the bank! She wanted to find hair products that were of high quality but was also reasonably priced. She started making products at home that were gentle on her natural curls and kept her hair moisturized.

Thus, a business was formed: Mane Temptation. A natural hair care line that’ll allow your queen of hair fly in all of its glory!

We talked with the business Belle about being a boss in today’s climate, the power of support groups, and how proper hair care is essential in health care:


  1. How has your degree in Athletic Training or your time in college helped with your business?

During my time at Baylor University in the Athletic Training program, I was taught that the body is connected in more ways than we know. I was encouraged to think inside & outside of the box to “solve a problem.” By treating or strengthening another area of your body, you could actually correct the problem. This intrigued me because we are often taught to focus on “the problems” and not necessarily its root.

These teachings and applications not only help me in everyday life but in my business as well. I began research for my own bodily health, focusing on hair health and products. The skills that I was learning to apply to musculoskeletal injuries, I applied to my own wellness. I began to identify ingredients in the hair care products that I was using to cause adverse health effects. This was the start of looking into solutions and ingredients that would improve my own hair health and benefit my body. In the athletic training program, I was taught that what I know “now” is not enough, but that I must constantly be learning so that my care does not become black & white, but that it evolves with what research shows is best.


  1. Talk about your natural hair journey.

My natural hair journey has been a long one. I have been “natural” my whole life. Before high school, my hair was pressed (with those old school marcel irons and stove) EVERY TWO WEEKS on schedule… LAID, lol! However, because I was natural, my mom styled my hair in several ways because I “wasn’t grown, and wearing your hair down is for adults.” So I wore a lot of braid outs, twist outs, etc. I used to beg my mom for a perm, but she said that it wasn’t needed.

Owner: Nicole Patterson

Fast forward to college, I was no longer able to go to my beautician, and I had already started to limit heat usage in high school to prepare for this moment. Natural hair was becoming a normal thing, but it was still uncommon for most young women. “Natural hair isn’t for me,” “I don’t have good hair,” etc. were the comments that were so common to hear. How is something you were created with not for you? What determines good hair? If it’s on your head, it’s good, it’s yours, and it’s enough. LOVE IT!

During college, I began creating my own hair care products to take control of my own health. Learning how to style my hair and manipulate my curls to look nice (they were very heat damaged, but I didn’t know until later on). I was told that I had good hair during this time because it was loose, but today, I know it was damaged.

Today, I’m still learning about new ways to style my hair, new ways to define my curls, new ingredients that will not only benefit my hair but the body, etc. My hair is constantly getting healthier, and my health is constantly improving. I no longer have to manipulate my curls to look nice (although I do enjoy a good braid out or twist out), and my health panels are improving, I have more energy, and I’m feeling the change in my body.


  1. What was the process of creating your own products? Where did you come with the name ‘Mane Temptation’? What does Mane Temptation provide?

The formulation of my products came from much research (YouTube/Google/influencers and articles). Looking at what other products people were creating and adapting it to my own needs based on the hair and different nutrients. I formulate the products by myself at the moment, but I’m inspired by the community around me, my clients, and my curiosity to learn more.

Mane Temptation was one of the many names that I chose during the research process because it represents the hair and what it desires. We offer all-natural, handcrafted hair care products and high-quality 100% human hair extensions. All the products we offer are safe for use on hair and skin, as there are no harmful or drying chemicals used to produce them. Hair Care products include moisturizer, cleanser, oil, and gel, all of which are multipurpose with amazing hair and health benefits. Hair Extensions include natural textures Cambodian wavy, Vietnamese straight, as well as steamed textures curly and tight curly.


       4. What makes Mane Temptation stand out?

 We are very intentional about the ingredients in our products and how we care for our clients. We believe in the whole body being healthy and the idea that proper hair care is health care.

It’s a significant value of Mane Temptation not just to put out a great product, but to put out information that will help others understand why it’s a great product. We also want our audience to know how to recognize a great product and improve your hair’s health and, in turn, your body.

Our products are not just created to make hair look healthy, but they are formulated to positively affect not only your hair health but also your body. What you use in your hair can be absorbed through your scalp and into your bloodstream. It’s a joy to educate our clients as well about what goes into having healthy hair, which can, in turn, lead to a healthy body.


5.Talk about your products.

MANE is actually an acronym for our mission: Motivate and empower men and women to look and feel their best from head to toe, Assist and accommodate their hair needs, Nourish their hair interests, and Equip them with knowledge and tools for a wonderful hair experience.

Our most popular product is named “First Work.” Our original all-natural moisturizer formulated promotes healthy cells and prevents moisture loss, which promotes healing that leads to healthy hair growth. A typical hair conditioner has ingredients that are meant to condition your hair to look healthy. Our moisturizers are moisture-packed and contain ingredients that have been proven through research to aid in the health of your hair and skin, which means not only is your hair going to look healthy, but this product will begin to improve the health of your scalp and eventually your hair strands.

We also offer “Take Heed.” Our original Black Peppermint Cleanser (shampoo alternative), “Nature’s Kiss,” our original Peppermint Flax-Gel, and “Increase,” our original Hair and Scalp Oil. Our products contain ingredients that provide nutrients necessary for healthy hair. Each of these ingredients has specific benefits.

We are also intentional in our research, meaning that our product formulations do not contain (or mask through fragrance) silicones, sulfates, phthalates, or endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Every ingredient used is listed, and any fragrance lines in the future will list ingredients used as well.  All of our products are formulated to absorb into & nourish the cells to promote healing, leading to healthy hair growth.

In Jan. 2021, we are doing a soft launch of our vegan line, offering a minimal amount for the purchase, and then a full launch in February 2021. The line will feature all of the originals with a vegan launch.


6. What support group do you have? What does it consist of? How does your circle do to give you the support you need?

My support group consists of God and those with who He’s surrounded me. My pastors, counselors who mentor me in business and life, my team who not only help with the background work but contribute to ideas and decisions, my family who purchase the products and give their honest feedback, and some friends who push me to create new things based on their needs.

These people have been an amazing support and everything that I didn’t know I needed until after going before God in prayer. He has used them to provide wisdom, comfort, criticism, and the pushes that I need to continue moving forward. It is ultimately God who has orchestrated this group to be the support that I need. I’ve learned that if I don’t first go before Him with my concerns or needs, they won’t be met no matter what I do or who I go to.


7. What is something you want the Belles to know?

One of the most important goals that I have for Mane Temptation is to motivate and empower our clients and ensure that we are giving back to the community to leave an impact for years to come. We are always seeking ways to get into the community, educate the community, and partner with organizations with this mission.

I’d like for the audience to make sure that they are subscribed to our emails! Don’t miss any opportunities that we have, including educational resources we put out or our newsletter. These emails also contain some great bonuses from time to time.

Stay on the lookout for future promotions and sales. We have amazing deals lined up for Black Friday Weekend, as well as the previously mentioned upcoming launch of our Vegan line in January.


8. What does being a boss mean to you? What advice would you give someone who wants to step out and start a business?

To me, being a boss means that you are the change that you want to see. It means that you are willing to step out and create (or take control of) something that you believe could be a solution for a problem that you’ve identified. A boss is one who is constantly learning and growing. As a result, that can see potential and learn to harness it. At the same time, I pushed off my business as a hobby for a few years because I was afraid that I would have to be a boss. I believe that is what is developing me into the person I am today. I understand my struggles and what I’ve gone through, I remember my experiences, and I can use that knowledge to shape how I go about my business and treat others.

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I believe you and your expectations will always be your biggest hurdle. Just wanting everything to be “big” when you first start and wanting a result in the beginning. That’s not realistic. It won’t look how you want it to look when you first start. You have to build it to be that.

So, my advice would be to envision what the end will be (or has the potential to be), and then focus on what’s directly in front of you and what you can control in any given moment (yourself and your actions). If you haven’t done the research yet, then start there and begin to plot out the next steps, focusing on your mindset, and remembering your experiences so that when people come along, you’re able to be that change you wanted to see.