Fueling Women’s Confidence: Seme Eroh

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Fueling Women’s Confidence: Seme Eroh


Seme Eroh helps women discover their inner strengths & takes them on a transformational journey to self-discovery.

The author, life coach & IT security professional emigrated from Nigeria at 17 to pursue an education. She started her own family, grew in her career, and lived the American life.

However, she lost herself in the midst of her marriage. Through a tough marriage and childhood memories that plagued her life, Eroh clawed herself out of a life that she thought she wanted. On the other side, Eroh learned how to love herself to become the woman she always wanted to be. And the woman that other women can reach out to for advice.

Now, the Georgia Southwestern University alum shares her experience with others and reminds women that they are in control and can walk away from anything that doesn’t serve them.

In her book, When the Fog Lifts, the author shares the craziness of her life and how she navigated it to end in peace freedom. The vulnerable and breath-taking work of art will inspire Belle to make the changes needed and unlock prosperous possibilities.

We were about to sit down and talk to the self-love guru about her book & how her past prepared her for her present.

  1. How did your career in IT prepare you for the career you have now?

I still have my career in IT, but I have been able to leverage it to do the things I love. Working in IT helped me manage my book writing project and understand the sequencing of events to make it possible. It has also taught me resilience and the art of failing fast and being able to pivot at any point. In software development, you build solutions according to what an end-user is asking for, and you test it and show them the finished product. You might have some defects, but you can always fix them. That’s my approach to my women’s coaching business. I listen, I build, I test, I may fall or fail, but I get back up again and try something else again and again until I get it right. Never giving up!

Author Seme Eroh

2. What drove you to write your book?

During my separation from my ex-husband, I experienced a variety of emotions and interactions. Many of my interactions with those who knew us as a couple was very strained because I had painted such a perfect picture, so the interactions consisted of me defending myself. I was fighting to be heard, understood, and validated, but many people especially married people, couldn’t really encourage me to leave my marriage. Actually, no one did. I realized then that many women agreed with me but could not admit it because they had no interest in leaving their marriages or could not for some reason or the other. These women needed a voice. They need the same validation I was seeking. They needed someone to tell them they were not crazy. I wrote the book to share my story with the hope that it would give these women comfort. Still, I found that not just women in relationships have found validation and commonality in my book but even young girls, girl dads, men, single women, and just everyone.

3. How did your childhood fuel your adult life?

I don’t know if I would call it fuel. I came from a very sheltered background but also very supportive. The sheltered part of my childhood didn’t prepare me for the world in my adult life, but the supportive part carried me on when I faced difficulties. I always knew that I had a loving family to come back to.

Growing up in a third-world country made me ambitious and hardworking because I knew the alternative if I didn’t work hard.


“I was fighting to be heard, understood, and validated.”

4. What are some takeaways people can get from your personal experience?

  • Don’t try to fit in. Stand out!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions at any point
  • Know yourself before you join another
  • Money is the root of all evil; Fear is the root of all stagnation – Seme Eroh.
  • Your tank has to be full, so you have an overflow for your family
  • Everyone’s threshold is different, don’t compare yourself to others
  • Self-awareness is the first step to freedom
  1. Where can people purchase the book?