Fun Things to Do for Any Relationship Status

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Fun Things to Do for Any Relationship Status


Long gone are the nights of dinner and movie. Spice up date night with yourself, your friends, or your significant other. Whatever you’re in the mood for, these dates will put you in a good mood after a day full of deadlines and a week of annoying people!



Honey, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t live your best life! Ignore the packed restaurants with the couples overcrowding the tables.


Watch a movie/show featuring your celeb crush

Do you go googly eye every time you see Michael B. Jordan (you def will if you see him without his shirt on while watching “Black Panther”!)? Do you have a girl crush on Jennifer Lopez (Her in “The Wedding Planner” gets me every time!)? Do you dream that your boyfriend was Ryan Gosling (*SWOON!)? You can live out your fantasy while eating a bag of popcorn or downing a bottle of wine.


Have girls’ night with your single friends

Wanna stay in but don’t want to be alone? Invite your girls over and celebrate your freedom together! Create a single party-make watermelon vodka drinks to get everyone liquored up! Or have fun in the kitchen together and bake infused cupcakes that’ll make everyone confess their dirtiest secrets!


Go workout

Get your sweat on, girl! While everyone else are cramped at the bars, the gyms and workout classes will be free of crowds. Go and release stress at a spin class, or at one of the barre classes-the instructors spits out inspirational phrases while you’re doing squats. It’s a win-win!



Whatever phase you’re in-whether you’re exclusive with one person or dating multiple people-your date night doesn’t have to be anything cheesy romantic; it can be fun and carefree!


Netflix & Chill

There’s nothing wrong with sitting in front of a tv and eating your heart out as a date! To avoid the crazy crowds, enjoy a night in. Order take out and curl up with a good TV show to binge for a couple of hours.


Take a cooking class

Something that’s fun to do that you can eat later is always a good time! Try to schedule a cooking class where you can learn how to bake pastries or just learn the basics. You’ll be able to eat after the class and have enough to bring for leftovers!


Karaoke Night

Belt the night away with a karaoke night! You and your date can do a duet or have a competition on who the audience likes more while singing your hearts out. Make a group outing and invite your friends to tag along so to keep the pressure off. Start practicing your singing skills in front of the mirror!


In a relationship

Opt out of the typical date nights filled with waiting 20 minutes for a table, and overhearing another couple sapt at one another. Take your relationship to the next level with some of these date ideas.


Go rock climbing

Enjoy some teamwork while rock climbing! Get your adrenaline going while climbing sky-high walls of rock.


Take a tour of a different city

Travel to a nearby city and take in a new and exciting adventure! Browse through the many shops, eat at a local restaurant, and even buy a souvenir to remember the day!


Have a picnic

Either enjoy the sunrise or the sunset together while sitting close on a picnic, eating fresh fruit, cheese and bread. Bask in the wonders of the sky and the beauty of nature while you enjoy one another’s company.



Take a break from planning your BIG DAY and have a night of fun with your future hubby!


Dance the night away

Take some dance classes that will benefit you and your fiance on your wedding day. There are several dance classes that you and your fiance can take together! By the end of the class, you’ll be able to do the waltz, the mambo, or a little bit of salsa!


Wine bar crawl

Find the best bars with a great selection of wine and/or beer. Hop from one bar to the next and enjoy a night out! Plus, it might give you and your fiance an idea on what type of drinks you’ll like for your reception. Want to have a little bit more fun? Ask one of the bartenders to help you make a signature cocktail for your cocktail hour! It’ll be fun to try out fun recipes!


Go to a game

Cheer on you and your fiance’s favorite team! Whether you both share a love for your state’s team or if you want to bond with them on their fav team, it’ll be fun to share something together.



You & your partner of life still need to get out of the house and have date nights. These fun outings will recreate your time of dating.


Recreate your first date

Take it back to when it all began! Go to the same restaurant, or order the same food of where you two shared that special moment with one another. Either recreate your first date or the first time you said, “I love you”, or even the night that they proposed-the possibilities are endless! Rekindle that magic!


Spa Day!

After working a long day at work, helping with the kids’ homework and putting them to sleep, there is probably no time to try and get pretty for a romantic dinner. You and your partner might instead enjoy a couples’ spa day! Enjoy a couples’ massage, bask in the sauna, or take a dip in the mud bath. Leave your worries and welcome in the bliss!


Hotel Date

You don’t have to travel to get away for a romantic getaway-you can rent a hotel in your city! Enjoy a room away from the home and/or the kids, and spend the night just the two of you. Order room service, curl up in the soft plush robes, enjoy a nice glass of champagne, and forget about the outside world for one evening.