Gems Dropped at Pretty Thing Tour


Gems Dropped at Pretty Thing Tour


“I can promise you that women working-linked, informed, & educated-can bring peace & prosperity to this forsaken planet.”-Isabel Allendale

The anti-conference for creative women + entrpereneurs was this past Saturday & caught all of the key takeaways & gems that the panels, speakers, & coaches dropped. Pretty Thing Tour founders Sarah Hawkins & Myah Hollins welcomed every woman & man who walked into the working space in Los Angeles with mimosas, a breakfast spread, lunch, dinner, & an open bar that kept the drinks flowing all day long!

We wanted our belles to catch some of the knowledge, mantras, & quotes that we gathered while attending the tour:

Executive Leadership Coach Nerissa Hsu┬átalked about learning how to trust your gut: “We numb ourselves with different things in our lives, such as eating food that we aren’t happy about or scrolling through social media endlessly. We are all going through something personally-how exactly are you breaking through them? We are told that it takes 21 days to have a change but honestly, it can happen instantly.”

Business partners of Weekend Creative, Arabela Espinoza & Elle Mitchell talked about getting your dream client: “Find your dream clients through social media & then make a list of who you want to target. Find the people who you think would be a potential client by searching for titles that’ll work for your business i.e. a social media or director role. Use organizational apps like Asana to use a Google calendar to follow up with that client, & then use an instant messaging app Slack to put reminders on following up with them. How to reach out to these clients: Put the names in a list in Asana & then add sub tasks & notes. Then set a goal for yourself: for example, a goal could be to reach out to 5 people. This will help to make the process managable and the goal attainable. Make sure that the company who you’re looking for has the same morals & goals as you. Be upfront on what you want with the clients. Introduce yourself & link your work to them-also, compliment them on their company or the work that they are doing.

D’ana Joi defined what it means to be a multi-passionate creative & how to embrace it: ” An example of being a multi-passionate creative person is photography is your passion & your value is sharing with people & capturing a moment that’s usually fleeting. List more than one of your passions or else you’ll be hiding all of your gifts & making other people feel comfortable. Create a space for yourself, whether that’s personal or digital where you can flourish in your talents. You’re cultivating confidence to consistently show up.”

Adriana Najera of ACN PR & Meghan Belffiore of wearNYLA shared learned lessons from their founding companies & the ins & outs of influencer marketing: “Reaching out to influencers through social media is the best way to contact them. Find out whay they like & what they do in their lives. Make yourself as a brand stand out; if the influencer believes in your service, then they’ll want to work with you. Don’t get intimated by how many likes they have. Also, try to work with macro influencers-it’ll be more beneficial because you’ll reach more into one audience instead of a massive audience that might not get you any traction. Use Peoplemap; an Instagram map that helps find people that engages in the topic or brand that you’re interested in. The downside of influencers is that people don’t like them so much because it’s becoming a saturated market. Be mindful of what you’re posting & what brands they like to post or who they work with.”

Multiple women sat in a Women in the Media Panel to talk about breaking the glass ceiling in the industry. Sarah Marticio of SL Music & Media Consulting said, “People want to see something genuine or what’s seen day-to-day. Learn how to balance & research while being creative to make money & take risks. Take a risk every once in awhile but not all of the time.” Actor & Writer Adrienne Rose White mentioned to take time for friend time, “Take time away from work to prevent burnout.”

Natalie Ellis of BossBabe talked with the audience of how she got started with her company & advised on beating loneliness while building your company, “Strategic action will pave the way for your path for your passion. Throw away expectation that family & friends have to support you & understand what you’re going through. Also, join communities & Facebook groups to connect with women like you.”

Daniela Clark, co-founder & creative Director of Solow talked about taking chances in the entrepreneur path, “Don’t have an ego because you need people and your friends there for you while you might be on the way down in your entrpereneur path. Let go & trust your employees by hiring people who are smarter than you. Everywhere failure is omething to teach us. Respect & suspect everyone. Whatever scares you, run straight for it.