Get the Stuff & Things That You Need : Essential Packing Skincare Items


Get the Stuff & Things That You Need : Essential Packing Skincare Items


I’ve got the stuff that you want
I’ve got the thing that you need
I’ve got more than enough
To make you drop to your knees


We want to be able to get you the things that you need while traveling this Fall season. According to Skyscanner, the best time to travel internationally is in October. The website quotes saying that “In October, average flight prices are $666 compared to December when they hike up to $931 round-trip. In fact, flying in October can save you as much as 15% compared to the average yearly ticket price.”

Your knees will definitely drop after saving this much money!

So with the money that you’ll save from your flight, you can use the money to buy some great skin-care products while you’re overseas. These local shops have the perfect products that’ll give you that natural glow and that will keep your face hydrated.  These natural face masks, sprays, soaps, and more are much needed while traveling abroad!

Tumeric Mask/Scrub

This is 4oz of love & appreciation for your face! This radiance mask from Sweet Bee Soap Co. will give your face the natural glow that’ll look great in your pictures. Use an applicator when applying the mask on your face. If using as a mask, let it dry for 7-10 minutes. If using it as a scrub, massage it on the face for 2-4 minutes. Rinse your face with cool water & shine baby!

Organic Face Oil

IMG_6468If you want your face to relax & to have a balance with oil production, these products are designed for you! So Yaya Simple Care has created these products with peace & love for your skin in mind. These face oils have Borage, Blue tansy and bisabolol (extracted from chamomile) that are both anti-inflammatory to calm any redness on the skin.

Queen Bee Bars

As the name suggests, you’ll feel like a queen after using this soap! Another product from Sweet Bee Soap Co., customers can decide which formula to use in the product: coconut water or Vitamin E oil. Hand-mixed with each batch, this small-size soap can fit into any travel or carry-on bag.

IMG_6467More great products from So Yaya is the Baseline Body Oil/Baby Oil. A multipurpose emollient that can be used by anyone that has sensitivities to essential oils or those that would like to add their own essential oils. The base of this beautiful body oil is organic olive oil slow infused with lavender, calendula, & chamomile. In other words, the perfect traveling buddy!