How to Choose Your Major

Boss Brenley

How to Choose Your Major


You don’t want to be stuck doing something you’re not passionate about.

In this day and age, having an undergraduate degree is necessary.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, it is crucial to earning at least an undergraduate degree. Median weekly earnings in 2017 for those with the highest levels of educational attainment were more than triple those with the lowest level, less than a high school diploma.

So before you decide on what school you prefer to go to, or decide whether you want to go to a college or university (link to story) or if you should attend college close to home or farther away (link to quiz), decide on what you might be interested in majoring in.


Take courses that’ll help you decide

75% of Americans college students start college undecided or change their majors.

If you do find yourself still undecided, take some introductory courses to see what you like. Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has a Student Success Strategy class that all freshman must participate in. In the class, students will learn different developments such as: employing interdependence, discovering self-motivation, and developing emotional intelligence. Having these developments might lead students to discover a hidden talent that they did not know was there.


Use your core value to define what you want

Value is the principles that give our lives meaning and allow us to persevere through adversity”.


Values are principles that you find desirable, important or even essential. Discovering your core values will bring fulfillment and happiness in whatever field you choose. Do you like to give back? Maybe look into doing something with a non –profit. Does helping someone give you satisfaction? Something in social work might be perfect for you. Having a good understanding of yourself and your values helps analyze your current or future situations.


Ask help from your advisers or people who you look up to

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”-Oprah Winfrey


Who knows you better than the people who are around you? Talk to the adults who inspire you for their advice. Your school counselor would be a great person who could help choose your academic and career path. Or an adult who encourages and motivates you. Finding your core values will help get the ball rolling, so the next step would be to find the career path that matches the values. Your school counselor would be able to help you find the degree that fits you.


Use elective courses to inspire you

“Several studies show that students are more likely to get a degree or major in a course they took as an elective.”


Elective courses are courses that aren’t directly linked to your major but can benefit you in the end. For instance, if you are studying Mass Communications and your concentration is public relations, a good elective would be marketing. It will make you well rounded, and always keep you on your toes.