How Whitney Houston Showed Us How to be QUEENS


How Whitney Houston Showed Us How to be QUEENS


The Bodyguard had everything going for it: big names starring in the unforgettable movie, a soundtrack that is still labeled as the best-selling soundtrack album of all time and that went certified Plantium 18 times, and an incredible character that inspired us all.

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Inspired us enough to have our own photoshoot reenacting some of our favorite scenes at the vintage store, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, that’s been serving the Baton Rouge community since 1993. The store serves the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge, The Battered Women’s Program and the local Dress for Success Program. Here Today Gone Tomorrow also works with local homeless shelters in Baton Rouge by donating clothing, linen, and toiletries.

We can all give our thanks to Lawrence Kasdan for bringing this movie to life. The script he wrote for the movie was his introduction to Hollywood in the ’60s and was meant for stars Diana Ross and Steve McQueen. However, the script was rejected 67 times, being labeled as  “development hell” but then later on becoming one of several screenplays successively called “the best un-made script in Hollywood”.

And we can see why. A love that can never be: A superstar singer & her bodyguard. Add a couple of bombs, a close up of Whitney Houston’s hair flying in the wind while singing this beautiful song while her lover watches hungrily, a betrayal, & an incredible kiss scene in the end & you have a great movie!

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& the real showstopper: Whitney’s Houston character, Rachel Marron. Even though she comes off as a diva who demands to have her way & blinded of her jealous sister, Rachel still has qualities that every queen should want. In the movie, Rachel desires one thing: to please her fans. She knows that without them she would not be the superstar that she is & she wanted to please them in every performance, song, & music video that she did. One of those moments is proven when she performs the unforgettable song, “Queen of the Night” to a jam-packed crowd. Her manager & bodyguard advises her against it, but she knows what she wants & how to get it. She delivers a powerful performance while adorning a glamourous headpiece & reminds the room, the men, & the world that she has the thing that will make you drop to your knees!

Whew, girl!

The determination, the stance, the drive & the willpower are all things that strong women & queens of the night have. They slay in whatever capacity that they are in & doesn’t allow anyone to tell them what is best for them. & even though the crowd at the performance did get out of hand towards the end, it was at that moment that Rachel declared that she was the singer & the woman that she wanted to be & everyone else would have to deal with it.

So women, place that crown on top of your heads & declare who you are!

Model: Courtney Wright

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