Importance Of Sustainable Luxury Fashion

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Importance Of Sustainable Luxury Fashion


Anston Broadway shares his opinion on the importance of sustainable fashion in today’s society.


As humans, the ultimate end goal in our respective lives is to achieve comfort and satisfaction. The ethos of luxury brands is primarily built off giving people the highest comfort possible with their products. However, the realization that many of these “luxury” brands are responsible for hurting both people and the environment should make people question their buying habits. As consumers, we should realize that comfortable fashion goes beyond how certain clothes feel or look on us. In many ways, the material that creates the clothes we wear represents our respective ethos. Being comfortable should not equate to benefiting at the expense of other people and our natural environment. As consumers, we should be open to seeing what goes on behind the scenes and questioning whether we feel comfortable wearing and promoting clothes that go hand-in-hand with the suffering and destruction of others.

 Many brands are happy to aid in making people feel safer while still being fashion-forward. It is essential to understand the characteristics that make these brands bearable in the first place.

Characteristics of Sustainable Luxury Brands:

Authenticity – Truly sustainable luxury brands will try to push environmentally friendly practices even if it may cost them a little profit. This also means giving consumers at least minimum access to what goes on behind the scenes to make sure the brands are genuine.

Inclusivity –  Be attentive regarding a brand’s image, hiring practices, and subtle messaging. Ensure that these factors reflect an inclusive and prosperous company in diverse influences without coming off as just a marketing scheme to further business.

Natural Materials – These include natural materials such as wool, camel, cashmere, silk, etc. 

Sustainable Packaging – These brands must package their products with eco-friendly, FSC-approved materials.

Quality of Service – Brands need to establish hands-on connections with their customers that allow customers to feel valued and minimize the return of items, thus reducing the volume of purchases.

Standout Sustainable Luxury Brands:

  • Stella McCartney
  • Maggie Marilyn
  • Arnsdorf
  • Opera Campi
  • One Vintage
  • Phipps
  • Rag & Bone
  • Mara Hoffman
  • Collina Strada
  • DOEN