Introducing Mr & Mrs Murray

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Introducing Mr & Mrs Murray

This category will feature women & their significant others’ wedding day. They will highlight their wedding day & what they look forward to The Big Day.
                                               Elena and Zack
Wedding date: 11/30/2019
Bridal Party:  Childhood friends, new sister-in-laws, post-college friends

Amphitheater at the Raab House

VenueRabb House at their Amphitheater (owned by city park)

ReceptionRabb House using their outdoor patio,  indoor & great hall
FoodAustin-style street tacos from local family restaurant

Ideas for greenery at a reception

DecorJewel tones, flowers and greenery,

Theme: We don’t have a theme, but I would say “Secret Garden”
Wedding song: Zack and I are dancing to “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” by Elvis; Dad and I are dancing to “Have I Told You Lately” by Van Morrison
How many people are invited?225 including plus ones and children; 125 RSVPs (holiday weekend)
Song you’re walking down the aisle to: “Liz On Top Of the World” from the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack
What are you looking forward to at the wedding/reception? Dancing, Eating, Drinking, and trying to socialize with everyone
What are you looking forward to after the reception? The beautiful hotel room I booked for afterwards! (and that sweet feeling of relief that it’s all done)
Feelings: Nerves, anxious, ready to get it over with?   SO OVER ALL THE DETAILS. Officially bridezilla. Don’t care.
Music: DJ, live band, songs you’re looking forward to listening to Older retro love songs for cocktail hour and dining, newer dance stuff for after

Honeymoon: Snowboarding in Whistler, Canada
The hardest thing about planning a wedding: All the details and opinions from other people about EVERYTHING
The best thing you & your fiance have bonded over?:  I don’t know, probably the food because it’s his favorite
Piece of advice for future brides: Buy your linens wholesale. It’s half the price.

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