Introducing Mr & Mrs. Trimnell

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Introducing Mr & Mrs. Trimnell




You & your fiance’s name: Lecresha King and William Trimnell

Wedding date: TBD (March 2021)

Bridal Party: are these childhood friends, family, friends you met in college?

A combination of all of them. I have 1 childhood friend, someone from his family, probably someone from my family, and the rest are college friends. I am so ready to notify them once we solidify our venue.


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We are still planning that, but for now, we were thinking about a destination wedding in Jamaica.


We will have two most likely because we have to do the traditional Nigerian engagement/wedding, and we want to do the white wedding. So it will be back to back. Like the Nigerian wedding one day and the white wedding the following day.


Oh, it’s going to be Nigerian and Jamaican cuisine. Still debating if we are going to do one buffet style and the other served.


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The traditional will be gold, white, and green. The white wedding will be gold, white, and black.

Wedding song: do you & your fiancé have a song that you’re dancing to?

Not really. Since the traditional one is more festive, we are coming dancing to Joeboy- Beginning. For the white wedding, we are thinking maybe Miguel or Daniel Ceaser.

Or you & your dad?

lol no, not yet.

How many people are invited?:

TOO MANY! By the time we send out Save the Dates, hopefully, we would’ve scaled it down a bit. We are hoping after sending out formal invites that the RSVP will be even smaller.


Song you’re walking down the aisle to:

 For the traditional wedding we have to have talking drums. So….. I want a violin playing for the white wedding William doesn’t care lol.

What are you looking forward to at the wedding/reception?

I’m looking the most forward to music and dancing.

What are you looking forward to after the reception?

Our honeymoon, which might be postponed for a while after.

Feelings: Nerves, anxious, ready to get it over with?

 I am excited and nervous, trying to figure out how we are going to pull this off in another country.

Music: DJ, live band, songs you’re looking forward to listening to:

 Afrobeats and reggae, oldies, r&b, and hip-hop can’t wait to hear them all! I want steel drums and violinist, but I am still figuring out the budget for that.


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Right now, we were thinking of Thailand or Maldives. We really don’t know.

The hardest thing about planning a wedding:

 Budgeting to fund it. A lot of websites say you don’t use credit cards, so we are trying to save to pay for it. Some family members already volunteered to help with certain aspects. Also planning the big things like venue and food. I like doing stuff like that, but on my wedding day, I don’t think I would want to be bothered so we have thought about hiring a day of wedding planner or a wedding planning assistant to put everything together.

The best thing you & your fiancé have bonded over?

 Believe or not, décor. We have 2 different perspectives on this but for the traditional wedding, he feels very strongly about having his culture represented in the materials and colors we choose for our clothing. It’s funny actually seeing him suggest traditional women outfits for the design of my dress.

Piece of advice for future brides:

Make a decision together as a couple and stick to it good or bad. Listening to the family might lead you to the wedding you do not want. Also, DIY is a lifesaver thus far. Don’t kill your budget. Revise if you are going over budget try to stay under.