Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Walker

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Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Walker


You & your fiance’s name: Maya Richardson Marcus Walker

Wedding date: 11/16/2019

Bridal Party: are these childhood friends, family, friends you met in college? Childhood friends and family

CC: Messina’s at the Terminal Facebook

Venue: Messina’s at the Terminal

Reception: Messina’s at the Terminal

Food: Southern Cajun.. smack yo lips good!

Decor: Midnight blue velvet table clothes and gold candelabras

Theme: effortless romantic vintage

CC: Pinterest

Wedding song: do you & your fiance have a song that you’re dancing to? Or you & your dad? First dance song: Luther Vandross and Beyonce The Closer I get to you

How many people are invited?: 200 with 175 expected

Song you’re walking down the aisle to: Beyonce Otherside

What are you looking forward to at the wedding/reception? Partying and making lifelong memories.

What are you looking forward to after the reception? Relaxing and moving to New York

How are you feeling?: Nerves, anxious, ready to get it over with? ALL OF THE ABOVE… I can not wait to get this behind me.

Music: DJ, live band, songs you’re looking forward to listening to- We have a DJ hired and I am ready to hear some New Orleans Bounce music and Beyonce!

Honeymoon: Negril, Jamaica

CC: Flickr

The hardest thing about planning a wedding: Just that… planning and making all the decisions. Also dealing with a lot of different people and their opinions (including vendors)

The best thing you & your fiance have bonded over?: Setting the wedding budget and doing everything we can do in order to stick to it

Piece of advice for future brides: Keep it as simple as you possibly can especially if you are trying to maximize your dollar. Vendors will try their hardest to get you to spend the most amount of money so do not be afraid to shop around and be open minded. Perfection is nearly impossible so let go of things that are out of your control. Also, the less people (bridesmaids/groomsmen) you have I your wedding the better because that will also help cut down on cost.