Lavish Accessories & Décor Making Headway in Women’s Closets: Baldiz

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Lavish Accessories & Décor Making Headway in Women’s Closets: Baldiz




The shop Baldiz is creating lavish pieces that’ll last a lifetime!

Baldiz is a new company that sells women’s accessories & lifestyle home decor that is handcrafted & high quality.

The New Orleans-based fashion company prides itself in delivering an ‘ intimate selection of handpicked luxurious and vibrant women’s fashion and home décor.’ It ranges from custom-made shoes, pillows, accessories, purses, and more! The owner, Jeanne Casey, sells what she believes are fashionable, luxurious, and unique to her.

Owner Jeanne Casey showcasing with her friends her Baldiz products

“I started the company because I always wanted to do something in the fashion industry,” Casey said. “My mother is a renowned interior designer, so that’s where my love of fashion first began. Some of my earliest memories are going in and out of fabric & furniture stores and being fascinated by textures & colors. When I went to college, my first major was Fashion Design & Merchandising, but then I changed it. I had to do jobs that could pay my bills. I didn’t have the luxury of getting into the fashion business.”

Then, the pandemic hit, and Casey found herself working from home and homeschooling her two children.

The Harper Tote
CC: Baldiz

“Life was insane; it was chaos!” she said.

Casey made the ultimate decision to quit her job of 13 years to handle everything at home. With nothing else to lose, Casey went back to her first love of fashion & thought about opening up a store.

“I started doing research and looking into different products, different fabrics,” she said. ‘I started implementing all of this in September of last year. And then I officially became a business in January 2021.”

Casey wanted to create memorable pieces for her clients that will make them feel and look good.

“After a year of being in sweat pants, people are ready to get out and look good,” she said. “And this (Baldiz) is new! It’s fun and bright and colorful!”

Thus, Baldiz was formed.

Baldiz” in Turkish means “sister-in-law.” The name refers to the original owners of the luxury brand, Casey & her sister-in-law. Casey wanted to bring her sister-in-law into the business, who had previous fashion experience working for Ralph Lauren. Now, Casey is the sole owner but keeps the namesake alive by providing one-of-a-kind pieces for her other sisters, aka her customers.

The fashion entrepreneur works with her clients to create custom pieces that will last them a lifetime. She and her clients bounce creative ideas back and forth to design one-of-a-kind accessories.

The accessories at Baldiz are handcrafted from various countries, including Morrocco, Guatemala, Turkey, Mexico, and Madagascar. She’s adding to the line with pieces from Italy for Fall 2021.

The artisans who make the pieces are mostly women and are locally sourced. As the business expands, Casey hopes to give a portion of her sales to a charity or a cause to support these artisans.

Baldiz is a company for women, by women, and Casey wants to support the women who shop at her store.

Customers can customize any product with desired colors and textures

“It has changed my life for the better,” Jeanne said. “I’m actually doing something that I love. Now when I hear people say, ‘I love my job!’, I get that feeling too. I love creating and designing new things. I love working with people.”

Clients can check out Baldiz’s Instagram page for inspiration to design their custom pieces.