Louisiana Governor Race


Louisiana Governor Race


The race for Louisiana governor is in full swing, and the candidates want the citizens to know what they stand for.

With the election coming up (mark your calendars for October 12!), the candidates are gearing up to show why they should be chosen to lead the state of Louisiana. Being governor is a very important role, for this person heads the government’s executive branch. This person has considerable control over government budgeting, the power of appointment of many officials (including many judges), and a role in legislation. There are a number of men who are running for the seat, & who have different perspectives on countless issues. Here are some of the issues that the candidates are concentrating on or have talked on for this election:

   John Bel Edwards

  • Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9
  • Wants to bridge the gender pay gap & believes in equal pay for equal work
  • Pay raises for teachers with the start to be an increase of $1000


 Ralph Abraham

  • Doesn’t want the government involvement with health care & proposes for the decision to be based on the patients
  • Wants to put a new headquarters for the Space Command to be in Louisiana, which is the branch of the military that oversees the country’s operations in space
  •  He wants to cut taxes, which he believes would bring more economic activity to Louisiana. Then to reinvest some money back into education programs.


Eddie Rispone

  •  Says that he would prefer to “freeze” Medicaid enrollment in Louisiana, with the being the situation in which Louisiana would stop enrolling new people into Medicaid, & keep insurance paid up for those already in the program. Once the kinks of the Medicaid program are fixed, then enrollment could continue as usual.
  • Says that teachers should “definitely need to make more money,” but that those pay increases should be handled by local school boards & to leave the government out of it. He believes that these raises should be based on individual teachers’ performances and not given out on an “across-the-board” basis.
  • Is against legalizing recreational marijuana but is open to learning more of the proposals of medical marijuana.


Do not forget the importance of voting for the candidate that you feel will benefit your state. Remember you, voice counts!