Love Dot Showing the Love of Travel & Sustainable Luxury

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Love Dot Showing the Love of Travel & Sustainable Luxury



A labor of love that shares the devotions of fashion & travel in one space.

Love Dot promotes clothing and accessories of different uncover companies, brands, and designers that make sustainable fashion.

The owner of Love Dot’s late mother, Dorothy,  love for unique pieces inspired Nneka Ude to create the company. Dorothy, who was lovingly referred to as ‘Dot,’ was connected to stories and culture. She loved picking up unique pieces from her travels. Entrepreneur Ude created Love Dot in the hopes of inspiring other people to invest in well-crafted statement pieces from around the world.

Ude created Love Dot to honor & respect her mother’s memory while also highlighting special trinkets with stories behind them.

“The places reflect all the places in the world that Dot would have loved to experience but didn’t have the time to,” Ude said. “The spirit of my mother lives on through the brand.”

Every item that is included on Love Dot’s website is sustainably made. These items are either made from ethically sourced material or are less toxic. The company emphasizes “Due no harm” when it comes to making these products. They work with artisans who have a unique talent (they’re either creating the products by hand or are employing people locally) and are devoted to helping the artisans connect their brands to appreciative travel consumers.

“What we really focus on is celebrating what is of value and focusing on a quality item that’s not necessarily the highest quantity,” Ude said. “We’re motivating people to lean towards what we need to be when it comes down to thinking of the environment and the people around us. Verus thinking, ‘I want this thing right now.’ Instead, we’re reshaping people’s minds into finding things that are unique in quality, but that also have a purpose to them.”

Love Dot highlights six countries on the site, four of which are in Africa. Half of those people are White Africans. All of whom are investing in local communities and are celebrating the cultures by collaborating with local artisans.

“We also want to make sure we’re balancing diversity in terms of who we are engaging with,” Ude said.


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Love Dot wants their customers to celebrate the beauty in their products and know that it is truly one-of-a-kind.

“This is an opportunity where people can come and experience different places,” Ude said. “We’re really getting into the storytelling aspect of it where we’re showing how the artists are making their products. And for people to see their techniques making these products and showing where the origin of those techniques came from.”

Being able to celebrate what’s in the world is a major goal for Love Dot. One that every traveler and fashionista loves and appreciates.