Love Yourself/Surrender It

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Love Yourself/Surrender It


“Knowing what you don’t want is only is only half of the battle.”

In the hit series Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, Jada Smith, her mother who is known as Grammy, as well as her daughter Willow talk with singer, model, & CEO & owner of music company & label Beauty Marks Entertainment Ciara.

In the half an hour segment, Ciara talked about how she made her emotional scars to be beauty marks (which is the name of her latest album). She touched on the tribulations & trials that she went through with her ex-fiance/father of her child, rapper Future. When the couple announced their spilt back in 2013, the singer found herself being a single mother; something she never visioned for herself or her son. She went through an emotional phrase while dealing with this blow.

The CEO touched on going into womanhood while she was single & carrying for her son: “Nothing’s wasted, no regrets.” The “Level Up” singer said that she had a new attitude while walking in her life, “[I don’t have the time to]waste my life & time. Time does not stop. Worse scenario [was] to stay in something that’s not getting me anywhere. Knowing what you don’t want is only half of the battle.”

The women talked a lot about how we have to walk in pain to go through the journey. Sometimes we give the wrong people our energy. Is the easy thing the right thing to do? As women, we have to commit to pulling through whatever situation we are in. Otherwise, we may fall apart at the seams. We go through the fear of losing ourselves while going through the emotional stage. The goal: to be loved a certain way. For this, we must create a different version of ourselves after we go through the tribulation.

Jada dropped a gem, saying, “A lot of people are in situations that they say that they want to be out of, but they don’t wanna change. You don’t really want that! Keep having the same behaviors & keep creating the same situations; you like the pain that you’re in.” In other words: LOVE YOURSELF!

CiCi said that when it came to her now husband, Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, she learned to be grateful for the man that he is because of what she went through with her ex. She touched on that you have to go through the roller coaster rides for your journey. “Love fearlessly and surrender to love. Fake it till you make it because it’ll help you go through some stuff!”

The women then left with ending remarks that will sit with the audience to ponder on. Willow shared that she keeps a journal, where she writes what she wants, how she wants to react to certain situations, as well as the type of person that she aims to be. Ciara said that people should pray for things in their life. People should pray specifically on what they want, “Pray so that you feel it; that you can taste it. Speaking into what you want in your life.” The gem queen dropped a good one again: “Who do you wanna be as your own woman, & how can he (your spouse) support you in that?”