Loving Your Hair: Best Products to Use For Your Hair

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Loving Your Hair: Best Products to Use For Your Hair


Wear your hair proudly, Queens!

There’s a connection between Black women’s hair & their identity with Black culture. Black women wore afros in the 1960s  during the Natural Hair Movement, the Civil Rights Movement’s height when Colored folks were becoming Black people. Then, loc hairstyles became popular in the 1970s. Locs dates back thousands of years to ancient Egypt and India but became popular when musicians like Bob Marley came into the scene. It was believed that “loc” or “dreadlocks” refers to testament to dread — or fear — of God. 

Now, Black women are rocking protection styles and showcasing their natural hair. They are using hair care products essential for adding moisture, maintaining shine, and adding length to their locs.

We have compiled a list for our Belles to add to their hair routines. Try these Southern-based hair care products to have long, healthy, & nourishing hair.

First Work Moisturizer
Picture by Mane Temptation website

We couldn’t start this list without mentioning our fav Southern Belle who provided some of the best hair tutorials: Mane Temptation. Their First Work moisturizer is God sent! This hair care product is perfect to use twice a month for great deep conditioning.


Hair Growth Oil. Picture by Hairology website

Sis, if you’re looking for GROWTH, this hair oil is for you! This oil created by Hairology in Louisiana has black castor oil that supports hair growth by ridding the scalp of damaging fungi and toxins. Customers are quoted saying that after three months, they saw a change in their hair length. This is a must to add to your hair care routine!


Moisturizer Bundle from Kinky Tresses
Picture by Kinky Tresses website

Dryness is a concern for a lot of women rocking type 4 hair. It was for the owner of Kinky Tresses, Shawna Moses. She created the Moisturize Max Bundle for thirsty hair! The bundle includes Hair Milk, Hair Oil, & Hair Butter that she promises will achieve moisturize retention!






A detangling product that’s great for 3C and 4C type hair.
Picture by Qhemet Biologics website

Qhemet Biologics provides recommendations to help you create a hair care routine that best suits what you need. Their Coca Tree Ghee is a great good to add to your routine. The moisturizing ghee is the best product to use to detangle that beautiful crown of the head of yours! It restores elasticity to your hair while giving softness to your mane. The ghee has virgin cocoa butter, horsetail, and barley in its ingredients.


This travel-sized hair care bundle is perfect for new customers to try Oyin products.
Picture by Oyin Handmade

This DMV-based company adds honey in their ingredients to add moisturizer for their clients’ hair. Oyin Handmade, meaning “honey” in Yoruba, provides shine to dull hair and gives hair the nourishment it needs to grow healthy hair. The hair care products include clean, natural, & moisture ingredients that are essential for Black hair.







Curl Smoothie that’ll bring moisture to your hair
Picture by Nancy’s Kitchen website

Nancy’s Kitchen was named after owner Donna Jenay’s grandmother. Like so many other southern-born grandmothers did, Nancy did her granddaughter’s hair in the kitchen. A bond passed down to Donna, who wishes to share her grandmother’s hair care secrets with her clients. Like her Silk Buttercream Curl Smoothie. Packed with nourishing ingredients like healing Rosemary Essential Oil, this curl smoothie will help style your twist outs, braids, & any other protective style with ease!





Avery Lucille’s detangling co-wash product
Picture by Avery Lucille’s website

This one is for all my natural women! Avery Lucille’s products are great for detangling hair and adding moisture to your gorgeous locks! Their Detangling Co-wash is a great addition to anyone’s hair care routine. Avery Lucille promises that their “co-wash will cleanse your scalp and hair without stripping away moisture.”