Making Your Day Special: Picking the Right Venue

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Making Your Day Special: Picking the Right Venue


Picking a venue for your wedding day can be one of the most stressful & expensive parts of wedding planning. Making sure that the venue reflects the couple, being able to hold all of the guests, & more can be a lot to think about for a bride. Thankfully, Brenley Mag wants to make this process to be less stressful for our Southern brdies, so we ask the experts for their advice.

Victoria A. Roberts of VAR Events make it her mission to make every wedding timeless, remerable, & fabulous! We were able to talk to the event planner about what bride needs to know when finding venues for their big day, & how to make sure that their wedding day reflects the love of them & their future spouse:

1. What is the #1 thing brides should consider when choosing a venue?

I always suggest that my brides have their budget in mind first. Then how many guest you are wanting to accommodate. Confirming this will narrow down your dream venue listing.

2. What is a common mistake or trouble that brides that you’ve worked with have made or gone through? 

The most trouble I have with my brides is that they are too nice lol. They want to invite all their family and friends but cutting the list down to fit the wedding budget makes them feel as if they will hurt someone’s feeling by not adding that person to the final guest list.

3. What advice would you give brides about budgeting for their wedding day?

Don’t invite anyone you wouldn’t want to personally take out to dinner and spend $100 on them. By keeping your guest list intimate the bride would be able to stay within budget. Every ” I guess I can invite.” adds up.

4. Explain how VAR Events caters to a bride’s needs.

VAR Events caters to the professional modern bride’s needs by being their listening ear and actually executing their needs and wants uniquely to their personality and style without any hesitation.

5. What are some tips you would give a bride when thinking about decorations and/or theme for their wedding?

Less in more. I always tell my brides you don’t need a lot of decor to create their exceptional beautiful design. Key focal items and bringing in their unique style will always take precedent. But whatever my bride wants she gets – if it’s in her budget 🙂 When thinking about your wedding design and overall, I always suggest for them to design by their love story, personality, and/or style. This is such a magical day so it’s always inspiring to create a unique design focused on their unique love story rather than finding a pin on Pinterest and saying I want that. 

6. Any advice for brides?

My advice for brides is to live in the moment. Hire tried and trusted wedding professionals. And don’t feel bad about not inviting everybody and their mama to your wedding and adding that one friend you haven’t spoken to in 10 years to be apart of your bridal party.