Open Health Care Clinic is Open for YOU


Open Health Care Clinic is Open for YOU


Open Health Care Center has its hands & doors wide open for the citizens of Baton Rouge.

In light of May being #MentalHealthAwareness Month, it is imperative to mention the services that Open Health Care Clinic provides that reflect the acknowledgment of the dedicated month. OneĀ  of the services that they provide include wellness & prevention. They also have counselors that assist with anxiety & depression, grief & loss, trauma & abuse, as well as mood swings, parenting, substance abuse & addictions.

Director of Community Relations Eugene Collins

Director of Community Services, Eugene Collins, says that the clinic also has adult primary care, pediatrics, and dental services for the entire family. With two full-time dentists available during its opening hours, the health center is open six days out of the week to assist with family needs.

Director of Clinical Services, Leigha Andrews, says that the clinic truly believes in their mission, in which to bring awareness in primary medical care to the community of Baton Rouge. She continued to say that the health center wants to also have support services that are in the best interest for their clients. Some of those services are what Collins prides in, for this is the work that he is passionate about. The health center produces hormone therapy, as well as having counselors at the clinic for transgender transitions. Collins also talks about the health center providing HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis C counseling, testing, vaccines, & counseling. The PrEP program is also an important drawing of what the community services provide. The program is an HIV prevention strategy for people who are HIV negative but are at high risk of contracting the virus. More information on the PrEP program can be found here.

One of the biggest things about the clinic is their mission, which is to “provide affordable, quality health care to our community.” To find out more information on Open Health Clinic insurance and more, check out their listĀ 


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