Putting Money Back in the Communities & For Child’s Future: Melanoid Exchange

Boss Brenley

Putting Money Back in the Communities & For Child’s Future: Melanoid Exchange


“The future of Black Business is virtual. In a world where COVID and Racial Injustice has flipped everything upside down. Businesses need an affordable online presence that assists them in their efforts to go digital.”

We want to highlight a couple fighting the pandemics of racism and COVID-19 to build a business promoting Black and Brown businesses.

Melanoid Exchange is an e-commerce app where minority-owned entrepreneurs can sell their products. CEO and Co-Founder Jovante Ham and his wife Darsha Carter, Co-Founder and COO, created the app after the Gucci Boycott. The couple realized that it was a hard time trying to buy Black and quickly realized it was why there was no place entrepreneurs of color could sell profitably.

The owners met via Instagram and fell in love quickly. Eight months later, they wed, & it was a match in business Heaven! Darsha started just helping with marketing for the company that Jovante created and is now is the chief operations manager. “We are a husband and wife duo fighting for equality in the eCommerce space,” Jovante said about his relationship, “We will build Black and Brown millionaires.”


The couple behind Melanoid Exchange

The app is exclusively for entrepreneurs of color, with over 500 entrepreneurs selling various products. When looking into adding vendors into their app, Jovante says that they look for them to want to be hungry for growth and reaching the next level. He encourages people to invest in the app & support minority-owned businesses. “They should download it to continue circulating dollars in our communities.”

Jovante & Darsha believes in giving back to the community & helping the Black & POC communities who otherwise wouldn’t have an avenue to grow their businesses. The entrepreneur said, “We are building a diverse environment from the core. We are making it a priority to build the foundation as inclusive as possible. Many organizations want to diversify the bottom of the food chain.” The couple is taking it one step further by investing in their family’s future with gifting their daughter 10% stock in the e-commerce app.

CC: Jovante with daughter

The power couple has raised over $63,000 for the continuation of providing a space for minority-owned businesses. 56 % of 11 million small minority-owned businesses lack an online presence, i.e., online storefront, website, or online marketing. The Melanoid Exchange wants to close that gap.

Support a business that is putting money back into communities to flourish.