Salisha Rigsbee, Esq

Boss Interviews with Working Women, Entrepreneurs, & College Women

Salisha Rigsbee, Esq


The “Interview Series” is a chance to look at women who are in school, working, or entrepreneurs. The women answer questions about why they do what they do, what they love about it, & what interests they had that led them to the place they are in their careers or in school. This is the Entrepreneur Edition, where women talk about their decision on being an entrepreneur, what obstacles they overcame, & where they are now. Meet Salisha Rigsbee, an attorney who has recently opened her own law firm.

1. What made you want to venture off into law?

I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Not really sure what the turning point was when I was younger, but I remember being in court for family matters and I remember feeling helpless. I wanted to be on the other side of the matter and help individuals overcome feeling helpless.

2. Why start your own firm?

I always wanted to start my own firm, but I thought it would be something that would happen later in life. Starting my own firm in December 2019 happened out of a necessity to help small owned businesses take back their power.

3. What challenges have you overcome to get where you are today?

I have fought my way to success through many challenges. Through financial restraints, mental restraints, physical restraints, I found a way to create a seat at the table and make room for my dreams.

4. Have you had any pushback; a colleague or someone to try to detour you in your career?

There has been subtle pushback being a female attorney. I have heard comments such as, “That is not a job for a woman.” Or “You are too young for that position.” or “that role better suits a male.” However, my mother always taught me to listen to my own instincts and be confident in the decisions I feel are right for me. So while the pushback occurs, I find comfort in being certain on the goals I have for myself.

5. Why is it important for business owners to protect their businesses? In what ways can you assist them?

Legal protections for your business is similar to insurance for your car. If something were to happen to your car and you don’t have insurance (protection), you can’t get resolution. Your business is no different. If you neglect to protect it, you open yourself up for liabilities, including the possibility of losing your business. The Rigsbee Law firm, PLLC helps protect businesses by preparing proper contracts, trademarking brands, registering copyrights, and providing risk assessment plans.

6. What advice would you give women who are interested in law or opening their own firm?

For any woman looking to get into law or start a law firm, my advice would be to trust your instincts and never doubt your greatness. Believe in your capabilities no matter who doesn’t support you. Fear will box you in if you let it, but be bold and step out on faith.

7. What does being a Southern belle mean to you?

To me, southern belle means a woman with expectations & standards for herself that are never compromised by challenges or societal push backs. She is a woman with a purpose and mission, but most of all she is beautiful inside and out.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]