The Chaotic Spring Fashion Trends

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The Chaotic Spring Fashion Trends


Fashion writer Ashton Broadway talks about the fashion trends to look out for this spring and why this is the season to let your creative side fly!


Those three words sum up the world throughout the last year, and fashion is no different. With a worldwide pandemic, political turmoil, and protests affecting masses of people, the individual expression had taken a backseat to fights for inclusiveness and world peace. These events, however, had given innovators the time to marinate and materialize fresh ideas. A host of potential new looks had led to many (including myself) just shaking in anticipation for what promised to be a defining era of style that was coming forward. With Spring 2021 finally in full effect, the fashion world has exploded with a renewed focus on showcasing styles that scream LIBERATION and AUTHENTICITY. After all, fashion is a language unto itself, and people are ready to communicate their feelings as loud as possible.

Many of the season’s biggest fashion trends have caught on, whether from runway shows and endorsements by major brands such as Fendi, Versace, Dior, etc., to street styles and style statements by the girls and boys-next-door. Some trends are new iterations of previous trends from the yesteryears, while others are a unique, new breed.

Without further ado, here are 10 popular fashion trends in the Spring 2021 season:

Picture by: Rashida Peters

Bubblegum pink: a statement color that makes dressing up and going out feels like an event. This color is sure to brighten up your day, whether in the form of a comfy tee, sweater, or even a handbag.

Model: Rashida Peters

Baggy/upsized denim: extremely cozy, visually relaxing jeans and with the right accessories to complement, brings out a cool, suave look.

Cutouts: a style that allows you to show your skin while maintaining a cool edge

Chunky boots: Chic-approved boots that project a loud charisma with a feminine touch


See-through clothes (sheer, mesh, etc.): with warmer days upon us, it makes sense to strip down your wardrobe, and better way to do so than flaunting your stuff with liberated purpose.

Floral prints: with it being spring, it is only right that florals are again in style. Seeing as flowers have come to represent beauty and blossoming for many people, floral prints are a must-have to ring in the spring 2021 season.

Picture by: Rashida Peters

Pastel: if you are looking to sweeten up the season, go for hues that will make a bold, infectious impression

Crop tops: confidence is always important in one’s presentation, and with this spring being an eventful one, crop tops are sure to bring out the boldness in your step

Picture by: Rashida Peters

Picture by: Rashida Peters

Loungewear (sweats, cardigans, biker shorts, knit sets, etc.): loungewear was a force to be reckoned with throughout 2020 and has remained a prevalent part of many peoples’ wardrobes. If you are looking to showcase your style in comfort, try mixing fits such as hoodies, comfortable shorts, and even sweaters with a variety of looks.

All-black face masks: I know this seems unimportant but hear me out. Considering that mask protocols are still in place, having an all-black face mask allows you to match your mask with limitless clothing colors and styles.