The Future of the Fashion Industry: The Forbes Agency

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The Future of the Fashion Industry: The Forbes Agency

We’re practicing our model walk for The Forbes Agency!
The Forbes Agency is a talent and model agency in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that is created by Ayana Forbes. The agency prides itself in being able to “construct its vision based on the uniqueness and indivual beauty of each person”.
Each model that is featured in the agency bring their own unique flair and style that fits for any brand, organization, boutique, or organization. From plus size women, to an array of men, to teenage and college girls, the Forbes Agency prides itself in being available to anyone.
On August 2, the agency will be launching their 2019-2020 #TGIF fashion show, featuring their models of this year and before in a showcase of the unbelievable talent of each model. Brenley Mag sat down with CEO Ayana Forbes to talk all things fashion, business, & future plans for the company:
Why did you start Forbes Agency?
It actually naturally evolved. I have always been a people person and loved bringing people together. After a short term modeling career I began putting together fashion shows and creative projects and on year 3 I realized I was actually beginning to make a profit and impact at the same time. I struggled a long time with figuring out my place and purpose in the world but I always was able to escape all doubt and fear when working in the fashion industry. In 2017 I decided to take it serious and since, God has given me a fire and vision that is continuously manifesting in the physical.
What do you look for when you sign someone to the agency?
Confidence & Attitude. Obviously, I am looking for sticking beauty and industry standard body types but I would rather work with someone less experienced that is humble and hardworking than a perfect 10 who is grandiose and arrogant. This industry is all about confidence and energy, so companies and brands want to book someone with positive influence.
What is TGIF & what do you want the general public to know about the upcoming show?
TGIF is a launch party that I’d like to do every year. I believe that celebrating our goals and dreams is important. Myself and the team has worked so hard for this moment. We have grown from 9 models to 40 models in the span of one year and I use to dream about that. I want everyone involved to be ready for an amazing year and see some amazing entrepreneurs in the local fashion industry and network. Networking has mad all of the difference for me so I like to make space for others to do the same.
What do you hope the audience gains from the show & from the agency?

I want them to see this show as not only an artistic expression of the agency but also an opporunity to network and meet people. I want everyone to leave inspired and excited for the 2019-2020 term. It’s a PARTY so I also want them to have a nice time to unwind and have fun!

What is the next step for the agency? What can we look forward to in the future?
We definitely want to get more into travel and work with clients out of state. I want all of our talent to book paid gigs locally & that is apart of my mission. However, I want to eventually be on a global level. I want our talent getting flown out to Milan, London etc. The world is so big. Look forward to more life, more happiness, more impact and more SUCCESS! I want success to follow every person attached to the agency.

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