Through the Eyes of an Artist: Makeda Smith

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Through the Eyes of an Artist: Makeda Smith


In this Boss Interview, Brenley wanted to look through the eyes of an artist to see what they are doing & how they are conquering their space one piece at a time. We decided to allow Washington D.C. belle Makeda Smith to speak in her words of her pieces, and how she breaks down barriers in the art world. This is her story:

I got started with ceramics in college, but I’ve had a love for art since I was a child. In college, it was easier for me to try new mediums because of the resources of the art department. I decided to get an art minor and my area of focus was ceramics. I love to create ceramic busts along with functional items such as bowls, juicers, and teapots just to name a few.
Being creative allows me to express myself in a physical way. It’s a meditative experience for me. I feel very calm and relaxed when I am working continuously, however, it can also be highly frustrating. When I’m working with clay, I have to be very controlled and aware of what I’m doing.  I stay sane and motivated by all the positive feedback that has been given to me. I use to feel scared and vulnerable when the idea of showing my art came up, but now that I have shed some of that fear I feel very proud and happy to share my work. I realized there is power in vulnerability and vulnerability is art. People really connect with what I do and that motivates me to keep going.
I am a part of an artistry group called Th3 Funktion with my remote partner AJ that started because of necessity. I believe we both as creatives find that there are many gatekeepers that keep you from entering art spaces, which are typically exclusive and elitist. Instead of trying to beat our way into those gates, we decided to create our own space, which aims to be inclusive, inviting, and a place of authentic expression for both of our mediums. AJ does fashion; I do ceramics. We wanted to combine our talents in an unusual way and showcase it with events and showcases. It was an awesome experience. We did everything via the web because we live in different cities; I’m in DC and she’s in Boston.
Currently, I am working to build my business Sio Ceramics, which will consist of hand-built ceramic jewelry. I haven’t finalized any dates for art shows for 2020 yet, but I plan to do some markets.
My next adventure is going to Greece for an Artist Residency, where I’ll be spending three weeks with the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts. I will be studying Greek Pottery while creating my own body of work.


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