Tips on Dating in 2019

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Tips on Dating in 2019


CC: LinkUp Instagram

The Link Up Podcast dropped gems in their latest podcast Boo’d Up that everyone should pick up and learn from. Lauren, Jasmine, & Reyna gave insights on the dating life in this day-and-age, and how to make sure women are connected with themselves before jumping into the dating pool. Here are some gem-worthy highlights from the podcast:

  1. Are YOU who you want? Are you that person that you are looking for in a partner? Why do you have the standards that you have? Are your standards based off of Godly attributes, or because of social media/society says? EVALUATE YOUR STANDARDS!
  2. Write a list of qualities that you want in the human that you want. It’s working within that list that is the key.  Someone might have only 8 out of 10 attributes that you’re looking for but don’t throw away a good thing because they don’t have EVERYTHING!
  3. KNOW YOURSELF. Know the things that turn you on and off. You can’t be with someone when you don’t know who you are. Don’t find yourself through your partner. Make sure you’re a WHOLE person before you’re in a relationship.
  4. Life hits-so when you’re with the person you want to be with, make sure they’ll be with you when the hardships hit. A guy is 6″5 (if this is on your LIST) isn’t going to help you go through your trials.
  5. Think this: I wanna be Boo’d Up, but give it that time. Date with a purpose. Figure out what you want during this time. Be patient with yourself, and the person you’re dating.