Treat Yourself to Relaxtion This Holiday Season

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Treat Yourself to Relaxtion This Holiday Season


Get the relaxation that you deserve this holiday season!

Mothers have it hard throughout the year: having to take care of their children, their siginifcant others, parents & friends is a full time job. Moms are so busy running around to make sure that their loved ones are secure & taken care & sometimes they forget to do a self check on themselves

Mom-and-creative-entrepreneur Casey Richardson wants moms out there to feel relaxed & calm while they are on their holiday break. That is why she has availability to give facials to hardworking women while they are off from work this break, or if they have time in between their already jammed packed schedules to feel refreshed.

Women can book whatever facial they want: from a deep detox facial that’ll remove excess oil & toxins from the skin to an acne facial for women who are acne prone.

If people are not sure what type of facial to get, they can always book a consultation to find the right treatment best for their skin. Wanting to treat a mom to a much needed time away from the kids? Casey also has gift certificates for sale that’ll be a perfect gift to put in the stocking!

Of course it is important to make sure that the boy is calm and relaxed, but it’s also important for the mind to take a break as well. Casey is also an author, having published books that’s perfect to curl up with while sitting by the fire. A collection of poetry that’s relatable for any working woman, or a book filled with prayers & hope that’ll give you a humbling spirit.

Fill your mind, body, & soul with peace this holiday season!