Writers & Business Owners Unite: Ki Williams

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Writers & Business Owners Unite: Ki Williams


Kilene Williams is using her gifts to promote businesses and organizations whose mission is to better the community.

Fiction author and the Founder of Bleeding Ink Creatives and Ocean View Promotions Kilene ‘Ki’ Williams’s passion and ambitions were her driving source to create Bleeding Ink Creatives business that utilizes her writing gift. Ki also founded Ocean View Promotions to help support independent authors. The entrepreneur uses her platform to support small businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking to serve their communities better.


We were inspired and motivated by the talented writer in this interview and wanted our fellow Belles to be motivated by this hardworking BOSS woman as well:


Author and business owner Ki Williams

1. What did you study in college? What are your skills/talents? 

I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Services and a Graduate degree in Business. I am a former teacher of secondary grades. My skills and talents include education management – program & curriculum development grant research, writing, contract management, proofreading, and editing.

2. Why did you start your own businesses? 

Life changes and circumstances warranted me approaching my career from new angles. I was constantly encouraged by other close friends, men, and women who had already successfully leaped faith into entrepreneurship. That encouragement gave me the extra push to go for it.

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3. Talk about Bleeding Ink Creatives. What services do you provide? 

As far as writing services, I offer proofreading and editing. I offer research, writing, compliance, program development support, and business coaching to grant services.

4. What is the ultimate goal/mission of Bleeding Ink Creatives? 

Bleeding Ink Creatives was born from my passion for writing and supporting small businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking to serve their communities better. With 15 plus years of experience in education management and social and human services, it’s a humbling honor to serve the community through grant services. I’ve always loved to write, period. Using my love for writing to support others is fulfilling to my soul.

5. Talk about OVP. What does it mean to be in the author circle? 

The OVP platform was created to offer a platform of exposure to independent authors, creatives, small businesses, and nonprofits. On our IG page @oceanviewpromotions, we highlight specials called OVP Author Spotlight every other Tuesday and OVP Nonprofit Spotlights every Saturday. Also, in our highlights, we do the OVP Indie Authors section that talks about book reviews. My goal is to build a Haven for indie authors to share their written works of art and receive unbiased reviews, tips, and motivation.


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6. What are some of your favorite books or your favorite authors? 

  • The Women Who Raised Me: A Memoir by Actress, Producer, Director, Activist, and Warrior Victoria Rowel
  • The Coldest Winter Ever: Work of Fiction by Sister Souljah

7. Why do you focus on indie authors?

 I focus on Indie authors’ work because they continue to improve their craft to provide the best quality product for their readers. Indie authors are professional authors who prefer to retain control of their work. 

8. Talk about your books. Do you have any future books in the making? 

Through love and war, sisters Victoria and Sade have always had each other’s back.  Blessed with sisters in life, Cher and Rae, the ladies have forged an unbreakable bond, a sisterhood. Knowing that love is a choice when one calls in line, they all fall! With secrets of love, lies, murder, and mystery buried deep in Pandora’s Box, I Am My Sister’s Keeper reminds us to be grateful for the true relationships in our lives and to pay attention to those that are there in the trenches ready to rise with you like the Phoenix.

  • His Eyes Are Watching: Sequel coming in the future:

Settling into the calm after the storm that was the Joshua-Antonio saga, Victoria and Sade are hoping to put their past behind them finally. Grateful for true sister-friends, their bond with Cher and Rae continues to be a blessing in every way. From wedding bells to widow’s hell and ghosts of past transgressions, the love, lies, and secrets once buried deep in Pandora’s box are again resurfacing.

9. What can we expect from you in the future? What future projects can you tell us about?

  • More creative works of fiction
  • Continuous growth and collaborative efforts in business
  • The sequel, His Eyes Are Watching, is coming soon. Stay on the lookout via IG for updates.

10. How does your business help/encourage women? 

As a woman, I was encouraged simply by watching other women leap of faith into entrepreneurship. It is a constant trial and error experience that requires a mind for change and adaptability. As the leader of the BIC/OVP team, I want to convey to everyone, especially women:

“Never forget, you are your greatest asset! You MUST take care of yourself first before you can lead, empower, and take care of others!”




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